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About Us.

Welcome! We are Ziad and Mohamed Gendy, two skilled veterinary professionals who have made our way to the United Kingdom from Egypt using the skilled worker visa. As fellow immigrants, we understand the challenges and uncertainties that come with pursuing new opportunities abroad. Therefore, we decided to use our experience and expertise to help others achieve their dreams. At our core, we are passionate about supporting and empowering individuals who aspire to build a better life for themselves in the UK.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive guidance and advice to skilled workers who are eager to relocate to the UK. Whether you are a fellow veterinary professional or belong to any other skilled profession, we are here to help you navigate the visa application process, tailor your CV to meet UK standards, and offer any additional support you may need. Our goal is to serve as a reliable resource for all skilled workers who aim to make the UK their new home coming through the same way


How we can help?

There are two scenarios in which we can help you achieve your dream of travelling

  1. Rare: You are on the Shortage occupation list and don’t need an equivalence for example; engineers to teach you how to build a CV and will help you apply and connect you with where the shortage is and guide you on how to pass until you sign a contract
  2. Common: not a doctor, Vet or Engineer We Enroll you with Our partners in the UK that will offer you online courses, Upon completing the courses you will receive a UK certified Certificate in Senior Health Care which will be added as EXPERIENCE to your CV from there we start teaching you how to & where to apply. 
    How to prepare yourself to pass the interview in your sector.

Our Mission

  1. Qualify you: If skilled we point you to the next step and if Not Skilled we help you learn a Skill that will qualify you to come to the UK as a SKILLED WORKER ( which means in 5.5 years you get to become a British citizen.
  2. Help you get an interview in the UK: this is the skill in which I feel we can benefit you the most.
  3. Increase the success rate of each step of the way to bring you to the UK.


If skilled we point you to the next step and if Not Skilled we help you learn a Skill that will qualify you to come to the UK as a SKILLED WORKER ( which means in 5.5 years you get to become a British citizen.

Step by STEP


  • Help Get you an interview with a company that has a sponsorship licence.
  • Prepare for the interview.
  • Tell you what questions to expect.

Increase Success Rate

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Frequently Asked

Most asked questions

The shortage occupation list is detailed in Appendix Skilled Occupations of the UK Immigration Rules. It comprises those roles deemed by the UK Government to be in short supply within the UK resident labour market, with such roles afforded more relaxed eligibility criteria for sponsored work visa applications.

Simply we have used the same type of visa and brought 30+ of people we know by equipping them with skills in the shortage occupation list. ever year  its reviewed.


The pace of the courses will be on your own pace.

some people took them as short as two weeks but they were dedicated so should you

1- you need a contract with a job offer and that is where we help you the most 150$ (limited time)

2- then you’ll need to pass an IELTS exam this will be your task 100 GBP
3- Ecctis to equivail your high school degree 100 GBP

4- VISA FEE ; we help you negotiate with the company to pay it for you. which is common in the UK


Our service ends when you finish all the training, get an interview and sign the contract.
there will be an additional fee if you want us to advice you on how to negotiate beyond signing the contract.

Why Care work?

Uk Shortage Update

Good Salaries


Add Experience

Our courses are the essentials you'll need. to be able to apply for a job in the UK and get accepted. (LEVEL 2)

Recognized certificates in the UK

The cpds you will be enrolled in are all approved by regulating bodies in the UK therefore will Counted as experience.

Gain relevant knowledge.

For your C.V.to be looked at you'll need to know the basics and more in the career you'll work in and that's where we will help you from the basics to level 2 diploma.

Plans For This Course

Travel to the Uk as a Skilled worker + Uk Certified courses with Certifications


Travel as a Skilled Worker to the UK

Best for beginner to intermediate



book 1 on 1 session to coach you on how to start your business 10 calls per month.